If a picture is worth a thousand words... I should shut up!

That saying probably only applies to good pictures. I'm not a photographer, but I have this digital camera which makes it so easy to (over) "document" my life... So if you wonder what I've been doing, chances are you can get a good sense by looking at the topics below, and the pages of pictures they lead to.

Biking and paddling with friends

Musical events

Events/scenes around town


Hanging out with friends

Around the house, around town

You might wonder about tools and techniques I use to make these web pages?

Do you want to print these pictures?

In case you're reading this because I've taken pictures of you and you'd like prints, you're welcome to, I think that (as well downloading copies and using them for other purposes) is fair use. If you want to use something I've shot for commercial purposes, especially if you aren't in the picture, well then you should contact me!

I've found a place which does a decent job of printing digital photos (on photographic paper), for about 50 cents per print, called EZ Prints in Florida. I can't vouch for them more than to say I had them print 20 shots from a wedding, and the prints were as good as if they had been film shot using a snapshot quality camera. (In other words, just OK.) They were at least faithful to the orginals (made me wish I'd color corrected them!).

Here's the drill: Go to their web site, and read up on the service. If you want to do it, download their software, and also download the pictures you want from my site -- please contact me for the high-resolution originals, if they aren't already linked to the screen-sized ones -- the prints will be terrible if you start with the 600x450 pixel photos I usually post on my pages. If you tell me which ones you want, I'll be happy to link them to the originals for you, I just don't always do it because they're large, both in screen size and file size. Once you have the EzPrint software and your own full-sized copies of my pictures, you can send them to EZ Print.

Here are the URLs to several other services. I have no personal experience with any of them so I can't tell you how they work, or how well. But just as a reference (these open new web browser windows):

and here's a pc Magazine review of several online photo services.

Disclaimer: I have no relationship or connection with any of these companies, not even as a customer. I can't vouch for their quality or reliability, I just know they're out there.

last updated April 24, 2013