Images from my trip in San Diego

Pictures of Dan

Where Dan lives


the Scripps Institute

La Jolla...

the Scripps ships

new LDS temple near Dan's

walking with Dan

the famous San Diego Zoo

dinner and tree decorating at Dan's friend Ruza's

testing recumbents at People Movers in Orange County

a stroll around Del Mar

the infamous Black's Beach, and the cliffs above

Balboa Park

a stroll around Coronado Island

Tide pools and views from Point Loma

Walking on Torrey Pines

Click on any of the small images above to load a page of "thumbnails". Then click on the thumbnails see larger photos.

The larger images are still only 600x450 pixel compressed versions of the originals, which the camera shoots at 1600x1200. The originals can be used to make photographic prints, or just to keep if you want better copies ditigally, but I don't link them unless requested, because they're between 300 and 1000 kilobytes each. If you want the originals, or you want to get good prints, see my digital pictures page for more details.