Greenspeed Owners Resources Site

Web resources for Greenspeed owners and prospective owners

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Pictures, mostly of my Greenspeed tandem trike!

Send me your pictures, stories, etc.

Here are some of the kinds of content I'd like to see:

  • Greenspeed Buyers resources (Greenspeed online, dealers, and sources of used trikes)
  • Greenspeed vendor's web pages
  • Greenspeed rider's web pages
  • Greenspeed modifications, add-ons, and kits or clones -- how have you changed your Greenspeed? What have you added to it?
  • How do you transport a Greenspeed? (trailers, racks, suitcases (for S&S coupled trikes) and how to ship a trike)
  • Things people have done with/on their Greenspeeds, ride reports, trips, tours, etc.
  • Greenspeed mailing list archives (if we create a mailing list)
  • other recumbent sites and info
Please send me email to add your ideas, pictures, points of view, etc. (

If you have print or slide photographs of Greenspeeds or accessories, I will happily scan/digitize them, send you digital copies, and (if you allow), upload a copy to link to this web page, and send your original back to you. Email me about that also. If you have digital photos, HTML, text, or movies, contact me at the link above and I'll give you a different address to email or upload them to.

And if you made it this far, a spot of humour, especially for the co-ed tandem teams... Vive la difference!

last updated June 30, 2010