Kevin and Kelly in Seattle

Scenes from Ballard

Sunset Park
on the west edge of Ballard

below Sunset Park

Seafood lunch
(I only like fish on the coast...)

Chittendam locks

Views from Magnolia
and Discovery Park

Queen Anne
sort of. It was dark by the time I got there.

Seattle Bike Expo
I shot recumbents... I bought one to ride around town.

Burke-Gillman Trail
It was rainy, so I didn't get many good shots. Great trail!!!

Green Lake

For Frango Mints!

Um... Beer
at Hales Brewery

to and from Seattle.
My home town is down there!

the Ferry
from Edmonds to Kingston

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What I thought of Seattle

No offence to any natives, but I didn't care for Seattle as much as I'd hoped... It's a city. I don't really like being where so many people, cars, buildings, and all the stuff it takes to make all that work are crammed so closely together.

Seattle is a city of wires, not just in the way we've come to think of it since Microsoft got so big... I mean, could hardly ever take a picture in the city that didn't have a web of wires all over the sky. Every single building has wires running to it from multiple places. Ugly.

The city is loud -- maybe it's all the water and the hills, but there seemed to be no place in the city except the NW shore of Lake Washington where if you stop and be still and listen, and you stop ignoring it, you realize that you hear the constant sound of traffic. Traffic. Traffic.

It's HILLY in Seattle. Silly me, I just didn't know that. If Queen Anne was in the midwest, it'd be a ski area.

The Burk-Gillman trail was amazing. That I wish we had.

We were lucky -- the first five days we were there, it was sunny and clear -- we could see the Olympic and Cascade mountains, the Puget Sound, etc. -- it was gorgeous. Then, it rained the rest of the time I was there (of course just after I bought a bike to ride around). I don't think I could live with that grey wetness for too long. It'd be like living in a house low ceilings and not enough windows.

And it would be especially hard knowing what I was missing -- being teased by it when the sun does come out.

Oh well, Seattle doesn't need me anyway. :)

Last updated March 2, 2000

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