Visiting Rockport Texas

Pat's views

Rockport beach and birds

fishing boats in Rockport

Goose Island

(remember, I only like it at the coast...)

Port Aransas Beach

bird (and alligator!) sanctuary on Port Aransas

Jetty at Port Aransas

Crab'n restaurant and surroundings

Views from the condo in the rain

Jellyfish at the aquarium

lots of rain!

more views from Pat's

Whooping cranes!

Pelicans and gulls

the Boling Pot again

driving to Corpus Christi

Walking in Corpus Christi

to and from Corpus Christi

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These images are 600x450 pixel compressed versions of the originals, which the camera shoots at 1600x1200. The originals can be used to make photographic prints, or just to keep if you want better copies ditigally, but I don't link them unless requested, because they're between 300 and 1000 kilobytes each. If you want the originals, or you want to get good prints, see my digital pictures page for more details.

Last updated March 20, 2000

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