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News! Linear has been resurrected, by Peter Stull, the Bicycle Man!

Take a look at the new specs, colors, models and features on the official Linear site!

There are also still new Linear bikes at various other dealers, and at least some parts available. See the Buying a Linear section below.

Hi, and welcome to the "Linear Resources" page on the web. Please send me email at the address shown at the bottom of the page to add your ideas, pictures, points of view, etc. If you have pictures of Linear recumbents, I would happily scan/digitize them, send you digital copies, and (if you allow), upload a copy to link to this web page, and send your original back to you. Email me about that also. If you have digital photos, you can upload them by using this form.

There is a Linear Recumbent Bicycle Resources mailing list. If you are a Linear owner or prospective owner, you're welcome to join this email LISTSERV list. To join, or to view or search archives of the discussions, go to

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Buying a Linear (or other) recumbent bicycle

Strangely, I am not going to advocate that you buy a Linear over all other recumbent choices. Let me explain: Recumbents vary in feel -- height, handling, "geometry", stiffness, length, above- or below-the-seat steering, and in so many other ways, that what feels great to one rider feels awful to another. It's a very personal choice. What I do recommend is that, as difficult as it may be, try to get to a bike shop with a variety of recumbent bikes, and try ALL of them for 15-30 minutes. Then you will have a good idea which type of bike feels good to you. After that you'll be ready to "get 'bent". The overal best web page to pursue general knowledge of recumbent bicycles is the International Human Powered Vehicle Association.

If you decide on a Linear, here're some places you can try or buy one.

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After-market price list from Linear

The most recent price list can be found on the Linear web site under "Bicycles" and then "Parts".

Web pages which show relatively pristine Linears

What can you do to a Linear?

This may seem like an odd question to someone who owns a "regular" bike -- I think the average person doesn't modify their store-bought bike a whole lot. But the main structural element of the Linear is an extruded aluminum I-beam, and the fact that it isn't a normal bike, and therefore doesn't have normal places to hang things, attach things, etc. sort of forces you to be... "creative"... or destructive, perhaps. For example,

Here are some things other people have done: