Dyson's Linear

Adjustable seat stays

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Linear - front view.jpg 7.2K
Linear - front view.jpg
34.9k bytes

Linear - rear view.jpg 7.4K
Linear - rear view.jpg
41.8k bytes

Linear - side view.jpg 6.1K
Linear - side view.jpg
29.9k bytes

upper seat stay.jpg 7.4K
upper seat stay.JPG
37.5k bytes

water bottle mount.jpg 6.4K
water bottle mount.jpg
30.1k bytes

adjustable seat stays.jpg 7.6K
adjustable seat stays.jpg
39.7k bytes

2 sections of stay.jpg 7.8K
2 sections of stay.jpg
64.1k bytes

Hunts on bikes.jpg 9.6K
Hunts on bikes.JPG
60.5k bytes

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