Gary's new gearing

Here's how Gary describes his new gearing arrangements

My plan was to use LWB Linear for self contained trips as I had other 

bents to use for day rides and commuting. I also planned to pull a BOB 

trailer. I decided that I needed lower gears on my bike. I had a 3x7 

w/14,16,18,21,24,28, & 32 rear cogs and 36, 48 front. I had in the past 

changed the brakes to v-brakes with new break levers also. 

First I liked the 3x7 with the ability to change gears when stopped. Next 

I wanted to move the brakes and the shifting to bar ends like I have on my 


I got a pair of bar end shifters, a Linear derr. block, post, and a very 

nice Suntour Ft. derr. I also found in the junk pile at the LBS, a cable 

stop, and gear or brake cable diverter which I thought I might need.

As I started to work on the bike I found the I also needed a shorter axle 

as the ft. derr. would not swing out far enough. So I had the LBS pull the 

old crank (36-48) assembly and put in a sealed cart. BB as well as put the 

new triple (22-32-42) on the bike. When the smaller triple was put on I found 

that I then needed a longer rear derr. also to take up the slack chain.

    Next I tried to mount the ft. derr. and found that I had to grind away 

part of the wedge mounting block so that the ft. derr. would swing out far 

enough. A course hand file had to work as I had just burned out my Dremel 

tool. Putting the cable stop and diverter just meant lining the parts up, 

drilling small holes and taping them to take 4mm bolts. Cables covers and 

cables were then run and adjusted.

    All of this was done in preparation for an up coming week long trip that 

I was told had some hills. I started with a gear range of 21-121 and I now 

have a gear range of 13-101. I know that I had problems with some hills in 

the past unloaded, but I am not sure if I over did it on my new low end 

gears. When I come back from the trip I'll access what I have done and make 

any changes then if needed. As I don't plan to race this bike I'm not as 

concerned about the high end although I might want to raise it a little.

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