New Linear accessory pictures from Gary H

1) I put bottle bracket on the rack adapter to hold my AirZound. I've also taken a down tub mud guard from an upright bike and put it under the rear rack adapter, held in place with zip-ties. With the plastic rack cover, also held in place with zip ties, it makes a good rear mud guard for the bike, This is not as good as a full fender for those behind me though, but it helps keep my things clean.
1a) Starboard side of bike showing "mud guard" under rack adapter, "air zound" mounted in bottle cage on top of rack adapter w/control on handle bar and the tire pump mounted on the port side of the bottle cage.
2) Found an old Kiddie trailer at a yard sale for $30, was sold by Nashbar a few years ago, and thought it might work with the Linear. I used an extra quick release and ball stud that I had with an aluminum plate bolted on top of my rear rack to hold the ball stud.
3) Quick release adapter w/ trailer attached on top of rack.
4) New Blackburn 3/4 Mt. Rack for 24 in. front tires. Works better than older rack setup as it is a little lower an allows head light to shine over the front bag that I put on top of the rack.
5) The older water bottle holder that was on the bike vibrated apart so this one is a little stronger. I took 2 pieces of Alum. bar stock an drilled them so that they would fit between the cages then bent the bottoms so that it would tilt a little forward. Then I drilled and tapped the frame to hold it in place. I like aluminum. The computer holder is a "U" of alum. bolted to the frame with a 1in. dowel put inside a short piece of plastic pipe. A SS bolt and locknut hold the thing together. I can read map which I carry sometimes but I don't like to be without a compass as I have a fair sense of direction.
6) I got a C-Force training stand from Nashbar then ordered a few parts from the people at QuickStand Corp. in Ft. Lauderdale FL who make the stand, to make it work better on the Linear LWB and a RANS with a 20" rear wheel. The kick stand is a "WALD" that cost $5 and fastens to the axle. The golf ball is something I saw on a riders bike in FL so the thing does not sink in the sand, it also works for the mud we have in Ohio. Just drill it out with the right bit but not all the way through and fill it with silicon adhesive and shove it on. Wait overnight for it to set up. I still have both stands on, not sure which one works best when yet
7) I put a bottle cage near the front of the frame to hold one of my head light battery packs. The bottle came from, I also use another bottle for my tools. The other light uses C-cells which I can charge with a solar battery charger while touring.

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