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What I've been doing here...

  • I've been working on resource web pages for owners of Greenspeed, Terratrike, and Linear recumbent trikes and bikes.
  • Riding in the 33rd Annual Hilly Hundred two day bicycle tour, October 14-15.
  • Taking pictures at the the 7th annual Lotus World Music Festival.
  • Getting excited about a Terratrike.
  • Going to the Farmers Market on Saturdays.
  • Struggling with various household problems. It is perhaps ironic that the thumbnailer software I use to make these picture web pages is by a company called Smaller Animals.
  • Doing a photo archiving project at Interlochen. Here are some pictures from the visit to Interlochen.
  • Travelling! Here are many photos from our trip to Vermont, Quebec, and Interlochen.
  • Here are some Village Harmony Youth camp performance pictures from July in Vermont, and also pictures from the Village Harmony Adult Camp (only the first session so far).
  • Celebrating Independence at Bloomington's 4th of July parade and fireworks.
  • Annoying the musicians who play Irish music at Borders on 1st, 3rd (and if there is one, 5th) Fridays.
  • Constructing some panoramic views around our house.
  • Watching the construction on Kirkwood Ave.
  • Playing with our neighbors' cat and kitten.
  • Making a modest web site for the local youth a cappella group Terra who had a CD release concert on Mothers' Day.
  • Mourning the destruction of some of my favorite trees in the Rose Hill Cemetery. Here's what it looked like on a gray day in November.
  • Taking pictures of storm damage. This afternoon we had a very short, intense wind/rain storm which took down several trees withing a few blocks of my office. Here are shots of a tree that smooshed three cars (but no people) just behind my office -- good thing they took down the power lines last week, or the whole area would have been hot. Anyway, I find the Darwin/fish bumper sticker sort of symbolic when a tree wins over a car...
  • Going to see great music like Frifot from Sweden, here as a foretaste of this September's coming Lotus World Music Festival.
  • Looking at maps... Here's something nifty: topographic map of Bloomington, from www.topozone.com. And even cooler is this version on Microsoft's TerraServer -- you can see it as a map, satellite photos, or a relief map. Ooo, look ma, I can see our house from here! And here's my hometown (hint: scroll up one click to see why it was a great place to grow up...).
  • Having some moles removed? Yuck. See this article by Anne Lamott. She writes such real, down to earth stories. Her book "Operating Instructions" strikes me as the most real book on having a child I've ever seen. But, I don't know much about that subject! Oh, speaking of which, Buckminster Fuller's book "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth" is interesting if you can find a copy.
  • My birthday was a normal, actually a long, work day, except at the end of it I was kissed by my favorite band. OK, one of my favorite bands, the one most likely to kiss me!
  • Our high school class, Portage '79, had our 20th year reunion in August. I didn't get to see many folks I knew well, but Randy L took a nice picture of Kelly and me. OK, I look dorky, so what else is new?!
  • I took a short vacation hiking on a part of the Appalachian Trail with my uncle.
  • Recently returned from a great vacation doing a lot of singing at a Village Harmony camp for adults.
  • I've finally begun to get pictures from my 1986 exhange program in China digitized and webified.
  • Last summer we went to Bruce and Rachels' wedding, -- can you guess which person is Kelly?
  • Travel and wilderness travel. Not nearly enough in recent years, but this was very important to me growing up.
  • Looking for lost friends... (Are you on my list?)
  • Sailing, usually at Lake Monroe. In '97 two ex-coworkers of mine at UCS left town at the same time, and they had co-owned a little sailboat. (Thanks, Chuck and Tim!) So I am back on the water sometimes. Sailing can be meditative, just paying attention to wind, water, sails... Hard to describe unless you've done it. I'm still learning how to handle something bigger than a Sunfish.
  • Riding my Linear Recumbent bicycles. With my Significant Other on her Rans Nimbus recumbent. I'm working on a Linear Resources page. And here's the official Linear site on the web.
  • Taking and scanning pictures of recumbent bicycles for the International Human Powered Vehicles web site
  • Seeing as much local music as I can.
  • Mourning my long-loved cat, Chen. She died Feb 27, '97 I don't know why or how. Here's her on-line Mouse-o-leum
  • Working at the IU Student Loan Administration department, in the Poplars building, doing LAN Administration, tech support, database support, etc. Here are some recipes from our recent food fest.
  • For the past 2.5 years I worked for Indiana University, University Computing Services. I was the Intel Support Specialist at UCS's Support Center, 855-6789. Really good folks there, though quite overworked, some of whose pictures can be found below.
  • I also helped create the Recycling Information Hotline at 812 33-CYCLE.
  • I play tuba in my spare spare time. Long ago I was a performance major in the IU School of Music.
  • I try to show my family and friends (see below), and earth-neighbors how much I love them. I don't succeed nearly as much as I'd like.

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