Adjusting Sachs/SRAM 3x7 hubs

Ian Sims

Put the shifter in gear three.  Then disconnect the black cable connector,

that attaches the gear change cable to the gear change chain, which 

comes out of the rear axle.

This is disconnected by pressing the square steel button on the black

plastic connector.

Then pedal the cranks backwards, to make sure the hub is in top gear.

Reconnect the gear change cable by pushing the connector over the 

end of the gear change chain.  It looks like threaded rod, but actually

they are just circular groves for the connector to grip on.

Push it on until all the slack is just taken out of the gear change cable.

The test by moving the lever to 1st, while pedalling backwards.

Now it should not be possible to pull the chain further out of the 

axle, except for the very slightest amount. If there is some noticeable

movement, then go back to 3rd, and push the connector in another click,

and try again test the slack in 3rd again.

You don't want the cable too tight in 3rd, or it may cause wear in the

change mech. in the hub - the object is just to remove all slack.

You should also test the rear wheel for play at the rim after a long

mileage (once a year?) and if there is play, then adjust the LEFT

HAND cone bearing, (non- drive side) just like you would on 

an ordinary bike wheel, with cup and cone bearings.

The factory claim the hub is greased for life and requires no 

maintenance. However some owners prefer to lubricate 

the hub with oil from time to time, by putting the machine on

its side, drive side up, disconnecting the gear change cable,

unscrewing the gear change chain from the axle, and dropping

a few drops down the axle hole.

Putting the rod and chain back in the hub, it should be screwed

in until it stops, and then backed off, to align with the cable.

Re-connect and adjust as above.

2000 hubs come with a yellow and black plastic fitting, which

goes over the RH axle nut, and contains a pulley for the chain

to run over.  The idea is to reduce shifting fiction. Without this

fitted, it may not be possible to get proper gear shifting, as the 

nut for this fitment is shorter.....

Regards, Ian.

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