Canopy for my Greenspeed GTO

How I turned a babe magnet into a dork-mobile

the trike canopy frame -- PVC, flag poles (too lazy to even remove the flags), and fiberglass packing tape
the trike with canopy (blue tablecloth material held on with paper clamps)
I'm trying to give myself some protection from sun and rain for an upcoming trip. I really enjoy riding in the rain, but I don't enjoy getting soaked, and I enjoy riding on sunny days, but like to be in the shade myself. So, I got out the ZZipper fairing I bought with the GTO, and I started to fabricate a PVC frame to hold a canopy, but when it was almost finished, I realized it was it was pretty heavy, floppy, and weak.

However, the very back member of my PVC frame provided me with a good place to attach two fiberglass flagpoles, and from that starting point, bending them down to the cross bar of the trike created a decent frame. Then it was just a matter of what to put on top, and how.

I found a couple of waterproof fabrics at the local fabric store, one camouflage (the opposite of what I want) and one sky blue (I think it was tablecloth material). I will try to find either a bright yellow or bright orange cloth for visibility, but for this test... Then, to attach the fabric without much hassle, I thought of those strong, black, triangular paper clamps (meant to hold bunches of paper together). They work great, weigh very little, and can be moved around to adjust the cloth lots of ways -- including gathering up the extra cloth so I don't even have to sew anything.

I also found clear, thick PVC film, the kind being used in some tents these days -- I didn't know that was also available in fabric stores, about $3.50 a yard... so I will probably make side-flaps to extend down and protect me from windy rain if needed.

I found some plexiglass in the garbage near our local mall the other day, and I may cut a rectangle of that for a windshield, or I may just use the ligher and more flexible PVC fabric... trade-offs will be visual clarity, weight, aerodynamics, and the possibility of breakage... I will try it both ways and see what works best.

I may use David Lawson's "Lawn Bagger" idea to make a lightweight "pan" underneath me (funnily enough, they're made by "Lawson's products"). If so, I will attach it to the seat and the cross bar with zip ties or thin rope.

Finally, a lot of the canopy frame is held on with fiberglass packing tape. I love that stuff. Strong, and easy to carry.

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