Greenspeed Uploads Page

Upload files to Kevin to post on the website right here!

(At this time I'm only accepting pictures, movies, and html. Uploading any other kind of file will fail. Please let me know if you have some Greenspeed-related picture or movie in a different format you'd like to upload.) Note: The pictures you upload don't go directly to the viewable uploaded area -- I have to add them to that web page. So... you might want to email me ( if you've uploaded something!

Enter the full path and name of a file you want to upload, or click the browse button and your web browser will help you browse your drives to find the file(s) you want to upload. Then click on the upload button, and the file you've entered will be copied to my web server without any further ado. It's easy!

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Otherwise, just close this browser window.

last updated October 16, 2000