Jim L's canopy on his WindCheetah trike

"HPV surrey with the fringe on the top"

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He says:

The framework for the surrey was a PVC pipe that I purchased at the home depot. 

 Also purchased various PVC elbows.  Next I pick up some strong material 

(awning type), fringe and fabric glue.  The awning material is yellow striped 

which matched the small amount of yellow on my Windcheetah.  The fringe is 


I made the frame by cutting the PVC pipe in lengths the same width as the front 

wheels and by cutting the pipe the same length from the front wheels to the 

back of the seat.  

For the height I used three pipes about 36" long, then drilled hoes in the 

pipes and attached them to the frame using plastic connecting tie straps.

The material was cut about 2 to 3" longer and wider then the top and glued on.  

Finally I sprayed a coating of fabric spray to protect against rain.

I have on a downhill ride hit 42mph with the cover on.  I think I might have 

traveled faster without it.  I must say it is wonderful in the heat and also is 

a big hit with everyone who sees it.