Adjusting the steering on Terratrikes

(and here's the full text of Michael's message about prices and part numbers for various handy nuts and bolts)

[From Michael Billesbach]

I found a place that has a good selection of metric bolts in stainless or
hardened steel (black oxide coated). They'll ship small orders. It is
Specialty Tool & Bolt (1-800-SB-BOLTS) at: They say
their minimum order is $5.00.

I've recently replaced some of my already rusting metric bolts with
stainless steel. Here are the part numbers. I've included the prices I paid.
Your price may vary. I'm not sure if he gave me some kind of break.

Idler Wheel bolts
Part No. M8 - 1.25 x 100 SHCS S/S
Qty 2
Price 2.55 ea

Seat clamp bolt
Part No. M8 - 1.25 x 70 SHCS S/S
Qty 1
Price 2.11 ea

Kingpin bolts
Part No. M10 - 1.5 x 90 SHCS S/S
Qty 2
Price 2.94 ea
Note1: The unthreaded length extends beyond lower bushing a bit. You'll have
to stack 2 or 3 washers ( Part No. M10 F/W S/S). You'll probably want to cut
off some excess threads.
Note2: These stainless bolts are softer than the stock bolts. I haven't had
them installed long enough to detect how well they wear.

Kingpin nylock nuts
Part No. M10 - 1.5 Nylock S/S
Qty 2
Price .21 ea

Seat to upper seat stay
Part No. M5 x 45 SHCS S/S
Qty 2
Price .55 ea

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