Mirror brackets P Donahue fabricated for his TT 3.3

the 12" length of 1" SS tubing is notched at 12 degrees to fit a 4" split length of 2" tubing. Each attaches with a pair of #24 hose clamps. The notches (left and right) were cut with a bi-metal holesaw on my drill press, and I lined the inside of the 2" with tape to prevent scratching the paint. Both the 4" and the 12" lengths could be trimmed somewhat and I will probably do so later.
The assembly is very rigid and vibration is minimal. Our local scrap metal yard sells stainless for $1.40/lb, so this cost next to nothing and probably took half an hour to fabricate once I settled on the design (this is the 3rd prototype).

If anyone finds the idea worthwhile, feel free to use it.

-P. Donahue, July 2002

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