Jay's halogen light on a pole

Most everything I used can be aquired at a larger hardware store like OSH, Home Dept, or the like.

I started by going to the hardware store first for the lights I wanted to use. Turned out this store had 6 volt halogens on sale they wished to get rid of. For about $2 a piece I bought all they had, or about 10 of them. Apparently 12 volt halogens are the more common.

I then purchased my 6V 10A gell cell battery at a battery store ($25). Again, I could have purchased a 12 volt gell cell for the same price at almost any battery store. Having then the basics for my lighting system I went about the construction.

For the reflector I used the bottom of a Giant (felt marker), or the kind that a graphiti punk might use. I used a pipe cutter to cut the bottom half inch of the marker. The outside lip will fit a clothes hanger bent in a circle and then super glued. The body on the marker is aluminum and can be steel wooled to a high reflection, (0000 Steel wool). The clothes hanger should also be superglued to the fiberglass pole so it will not rotate under the shrink tubing.

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