Bill H's Terratrike

He says:

Attached are photos showing various modifications as follows:

1.)  Bar extenders (mountain bike) the water bottle holder on the

right extender is actually for Styrofoam coffee cup.

2.)  Cellphone holder (phone is for safety) is from target.

3.)  My version of the steering damper installation.

4.) Cat Eye computer with Cadence has a long enough wire to reach

the rear wheel without splicing.

5.)  Triple chainwheel (Shimano-Tiagra-TRI-170-FC-4400).  Small wheel

of 39 teeth gives better than one to one ratio.  Very easy installation,

Provided of course you have a puller.  Adjusted derailleur accordingly.

6.) Airhorn taped on the right hand is actually a dog repellent.

7.)  Bike carrier is self-explanatory.