Just three of the Soupbowl Benefit Potters at work

Karen Green Stone

Jim Halvorson

Barb Lund

Other potters who have generously donated their labor and time to this event are:

Libby Cosgray, Kris Busch, Walt Schmidt, Pryde Bayliss, Marcy Neiditz, Tena Wenta, Daria Smith, Amelia Daniels, Cheri Platter, Cheri Glaser, Jan Arbogast, Karen Green Stone, Scott Barton, Katie Wolfe, Barb Lund, Jim Halvorson, Jamas Brooke, Susan Snyder

in 2002: Susy O'Donnell, Jennifer Heynen, Jan Arbogast, Jane Graber, Laurel Bender, Jamas Brooke, Ruth Conway, Walt Schmidt, Darrin Lee, Tim Nolan, Helena Miller, and Larry Spears.

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