Summer Song & Dance Performance Camp

Ooolation at 3rd Street Park
Pictures from this year (2001)'s Ooolation! camp.
Pictures from Ooolation! camp in 2000.
Pictures from the Concert on the Bridge in the Woods Saturday, July 17th at 7pm
more pictures from the concert in the woods.
20 photo's from the July 16 Ooolation and Vida concert at 3rd Street Park in Bloomington
and then Vida sang, with guests Howard Levy and Malcolm Dalglish...

The pictures on these linked pages are 57 of the 170 shots I took -- some of
the ones I didn't webify are just plain bad (I'm not a good photographer!),
but some were just too similar to the others. However you, or your friends,
or your family members may be in them, so email me
if you're interested in seeing the rest... ( )

Don't save or print from these copies -- email me for the originals,
which are 3 times the quality! I'll be happy to send them to you.

The originals are 1600x1200 pixel images, around 500kb each shot using an Olympus C2000Z digital camera.
thumbnails and table made with thumber