Metamora: Dalglish, Larson, and Sutherland (and Simpson)

Bloomington used to be blessed with a terrific trio of folk/celtic musicians, name of Malcolm Dalglish, Grey Larson, and Pete Sutherland. They went through three incarnations during my time in town, in the last of which guitarist Martin Simpson took hammered dulcimer player Malcom Dalglish's place in the trio.

Pete Sutherland and his wife Karen Billings have made a new home in Vermont. Malcolm and Grey still reside in Bloomington, where they continue to make music, and Grey has a recording studio on the shores of Lake Lemon. Martin Simpson and wife Jessica Ruby Simpson live in California, and tour together.

Malcolm Dalglish has his own web site, and he's gotten more and more active lately, writing more, working with the American Boychoir, and creating a new music and dance camp for teens he calls "ooolation!". He is also teaching at Village Harmony summer camps.

Grey Larsen has a brand new album out with Paddy League called "The Green House" (March 2001), and they have a web site (wasn't quite ready when I checked though), at Paddy performs with Roaring Mary, and Grey also has his own solo career, his recording studio, editing for Sing Out! magazine, and is finishing a book on Irish Flute for Mel Bay publishing. Here's a nice interview with Grey on a wooden flute web site. Martin Simpson has recorded at least 6 CD's since he was in Bloomington, and his web site offers lessons, music, and all sorts of information. Pete Sutherland's album from 1984, Poor Man's Dream is available from Flying Fish Records ( a division of Rounder). Here are some of the recordings the group made:

Dalglish and Larson


1982, Flying Fish

Banish Misfortune

1977, June Appal

Dalglish, Larson, and Sutherland

Root Crops and Ground Cover



1985, Sugar Hill Records

Malcolm Dalglish

Hymnody of Earth

1990, MusicMasters

Grey Larson & Andre Marchand

The Orange Tree

1993, Sugar Hill

Pete Sutherland

Mountain Hornpipe

1989, Epact Music

updated March 8, 2001